Meal Deals At The Bakery

Pie/Pasty, Sandwich & Cake Meal Deals At The Bakery Benidorm

Meal deals At The Bakery

Meal deals At The Bakery

We’ve always been focused on providing holiday makers and Ex-pats with the best quality food at affordable prices. We understand that moneys tight and everyone’s trying to save a bit here and there.

With this in mind we’ve put together some unbeatable deals on our best selling items     of food.  We’ve got ‘meal deals’ on Pies & Pasties, Sandwiches & Cakes.  We’ve done a sausage roll ‘meal deal’ which should prove especially affordable for families. The     offers are quite flexible and this has left a huge choice so that everyone can be pleased by what we’ve chosen.

As always, the ‘meal deals’ are for both sit-in or takeaway and perfect for either an excursion, a trip to the beach or plane food for on the way home.

The Bakery- British Bakery In Benidorm Serving All Your Home Baked Favourites- Pies, Pasties, Sandwiches & Cream Cakes.

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