Healthy Options: Our Jacket Potatoes

Places To Visit In Benidorm: The Bakery Benidorm

places to visit in benidorm jacket potatoes

As well as offering delicious pastries, sandwiches and cream cakes we offer a selection of ‘Healthy Option’ alternatives such as Home made soups, Salad Boxes and Jacket potatoes.

Our Jacket potatoes are as tasty as you’ll find, with a selection of fillings to suit everyone. We use British potatoes and oven bake them for long enough to create a crisp skin with a light and fluffy inside. The way jacket potatoes should always be!

Our fillings include :

  • Butter, Salt & Black Pepper.
  • Cheese.
  • Cheese Savoury.
  • Cheese & Home made Coleslaw.
  • Tuna Mayo.
  • Tuna Special( Tuna, sweetcorn, mixed peppers & mayo)
  • Chicken & Bacon Melt.
  • Chilli Chicken.

Our fillings are versatile and as every filling is made fresh we can combine any number of fillings to suit your mood! They’re also great for anyone following a strict diet or for anyone who has a special dietary requirement. Add to this our complimentary side salad and you have the ‘perfect meal’.

As with all of our food, we offer a full take-away service which makes our jacket potatoes perfect for taking to the beach, pub or back to your apartment.

If you’re Visiting Benidorm and looking for somewhere convenient and cheap to eat in Benidorm make sure you pay us a visit.  The Bakery Benidorm is one of the best Places To Eat In Benidorm, Places To visit in Benidorm and a great choice for  Eating Out In Benidorm.

4 thoughts on “Healthy Options: Our Jacket Potatoes

  1. Been to Benidorm twice this year and The Bakery is now the first place we visit to eat. Cheap food, great welcome and restaurant quality food. Well done guys! John

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