Benidorm Fiesta/Festival November 2013

Benidorm November Festival 2013.


Well…Its nearly here and will surely be the fiesta of the year in Benidorm. It’s the time of year that the Brits descend upon Benidorm with their fancy dress costumes in one hand and Alka seltzers and Paracetamol in the other. The November festival in Benidorm is unrivalled by any other Spanish Fiesta (but we’re Biased of course!) and is sure to be as big a success this year as any other.

benidorm november fiesta 2013

The November festival in Benidorm is a fantastic opportunity for businesses such as our own to get their food and drinks out onto the streets of Benidorm and we’re not going to pass up the opportunity to make the most of such an occasion. Our food is packaged for take-away and is a great option for those that would rather be partying in the streets rather than sit in a restaurant or cafe bar waiting for their orders. Our sandwich fridge will be well stocked with take-away sandwiches. We’ll have pies & pasties to take-away both hot & cold. We’ll also have our usual selection of cream cakes, muffins, buns, & cupcakes aswell as our hugely popular Hot Baguettes, jacket potatoes and salad boxes. We’ll also be offering a large selection of ‘specials’ on our menu to celebrate the event.

If you’re in the area on the day our Bakery can be found located right in the heart of the celebrations! We’re on the same road as Tiki City, Hotel Marina Benidorm, Andys Bar Benidorm and both of the Picadilly bars.

If you’re coming to Benidorm for the event the following dates (confirmed by the Town Hall) will be of interest to you;

The Benidorm November Festival/Fiesta Dates 2013

Starts Saturday November 9th & ends 14th November.

Bank Holiday Days are 11th & 12th Of November.

Finale starts at 5pm followed by the parade with floats & bands starting at 5.30pm.

Fireworks at Poniente at approx 9pm after the parade as ended.

There will also be a Banger display at 2pm outside the Daily Plaza Triangular.

Benidorm Fancy dress november festival


The Bakery Benidorm- British Bakery Located In The Heart Of Levante Benidorm.


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