Our Cornish Pasties

Places To Eat In Benidorm; Our Cornish Pasties.

 We decided we wanted to be a little different when producing our version of the Cornish pasty and it’s a version that we feel works well. We decided come up with a version of the pasty that was both befitting to a true Cornish pasty recipe but one that reflected our Lancashire roots.

The result is a tasty potato, swede and succulent steak recipe encrusted in a rich shortcrust pastry crimped in the same way you’d find a Lancashire Pasty.

If you’re a Cornish Pasty fan looking to embrace a modern take on a traditional recipe I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our ‘Cornishire’ pasties!

Places to eat in Benidorm the bakery pasty shop

The Bakery Benidorm- British Bakery Located In the Heart Of Benidorm Serving Pasties, Pies, Sandwiches,Fresh Cream Cakes & Celebration Cakes For All Occasions.

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