Our Menu-See Anything You Fancy?

Our aim is to offer proper home baked convenience food for holiday makers and Ex-pats alike. We’ve gone through the underwhelming experience of spending most of your holiday  sat waiting for food to be served when you’d rather be on the beach or in the sat in pub. With this in mind our menu is primarily take-away but with the option to sit on our terrace if you wish.

We’ve designed a menu to suit the majority of tastes and where possible we will cater for any special requirements.

We use only the best ingredients and the finest cuts of meat in our home-made pies, pasties and pastries. We use only British products in our breakfasts and we personally source all other ingredients to ensure you get the best food for your money.

Aside from the basic menu we also offer ‘Daily specials’, ‘Meal Deals’ and ‘Airport Packs’ and have priced our menu so that we are especially affordable for families.

All in all, if you are looking for convenience, HUGE portions and affordable eating we’re definitely worth a visit!

Table Menu 1 paint

Table Menu 2

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