Our Sandwiches & Baguettes

Places To Eat In Benidorm: Our Sandwiches & Baguettes.

sandwich places to eat in benidorm

We can appreciate that not everyone is a fan of pastries which is why we’ve gone that extra mile when we’ve come up with an exciting and versatile Sandwich & Baguette menu.

Our aim is to be the place to eat in Benidorm and provide our customers with a selection of foods that we’d be eager to buy ourselves but also not go too far from our roots as a Bakery. We feel we’ve managed to achieve this and we’re a hybrid of say Greggs the Bakers and Subway sandwich shops.

One of our main focus’ has been convenience for our customers. With this in mind, we have a specific Sandwich fridge with a selection of Sandwiches, Baguettes, Salad boxes. Within 5 minutes you can purchase your food and be on route to your destination whether it be to the Beach, Apartment or Pub with the least amount of fuss! All of our sandwiches are freshly made that day and we use only home cooked meats and British products wherever possible. We can also ‘double wrap’ your food so perfect for taking to the Airport, Beach or Day trips.

For those of you not in a rush we can make a tailor made Sandwich with your choices of toppings,sauces & pickles ( We have nearly 15 different sauces and in excess of 300 flavour combinations!)-You create it and we’ll make it! Perfect for those who want something a little bit different or have a special dietary requirement.

We also offer a selection of ‘Meal Deals’ on our Sandwiches & Baguettes which also makes them great value for money!

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat in Benidorm and want good quality food, huge amount of choice that is quick and convenient, The Bakery Is definitely one of the place you should visit whilst in Benidorm.

sandwich2 eating out in benidorm

The Bakery Benidorm- Sandwich Shop Located In The Heart Of Benidorm. Places To Visit & Eat In Benidorm.

3 thoughts on “Our Sandwiches & Baguettes

    • Hi Tim, we’re about 5 mins walk away, just of Avd Meditteraneo(where Don Pancho is based) Head towards Tiki City, Andys bar & the pubs on the cross roads of Gerona & Cuenca and you’ll find us.

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