Welcome To Our Bakery!

Tom Janice

Just recently, I took over the reigns of the ever popular ‘Bakery’ and I wanted to say a few words to introduce myself to our customers-old and new. I’m Thomas, and my Manageress is Janice. We have a wealth of experience in Catering, and Baking has been a passion of ours for more years than I care to remember!

We are looking to continue with the foundation that has been created at The Bakery but we’ll look to add our own twist along the way. We’ll be creating the same Pastries,Cakes & Sandwiches exactly the way they were done previously but we’ll also be adding our own ‘Special’ recipes of Pie’s,Pasties & Cakes that we’ve brought from back home in Blackburn, Lancashire.

We’re always available for our customers, so if you’re passing, ‘pop-in’ for a chat and a cuppa. If you’re feeling peckish you’ll definitely be tempted into trying one of our soon to be famous Lancashire hot-pots!

All The Best.. Tommy & Janice.

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